Spelling and vocabulary, grammar, confidentiality.

In detail, I guarantee the following when proofreading your document:

(via the University of Helsinki Language Services)

1) Spelling and vocabulary

    • Language variant (e.g., American or British standards)
    • Misused words (e.g., effect vs. affect), excluding field-specific terminology

2) Grammar

        • Subject-verb agreement
        • Correct syntax
        • Use of articles and prepositions
        • Use of tenses

3) Punctuation

  • Use of periods, colons, semi-colons, commas, etc.

4) Readability and consistency

    • Fluent, natural-sounding language
    • Precision and clarity of the text
    • Appropriate sentence length
    • Sentence cohesion
    • Avoidance of wordiness and repetition
    • Addressing of ambiguities
    • Consistent use of vocabulary and terminology
    • Academic voice and style
      • In some cases I can also guarantee some level of understanding of the content of the document and therefore correct for mistakes or unclear sentences. This is something that can be discussed between us throughout the process.

Importantly, confidentiality of the document is guaranteed to the best of my ability.